Song Review: The Night We Met

This post contains possible spoilers of the Netflix series 13 Reasons Why.  This blog contains some specific details about episode 5, Tape 3 Side A, as well as a clip from said episode.

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Before last week I had never heard of the band Lord Huron, let alone their song “The Night We Met”. I first heard the song while I was watching Netflix’s adaptation of Jay Ashner’s novel 13 Reasons Why. I loved the show overall and one of my favorite parts of the show was its soundtrack. I felt that the music that they played matched not only the scenes, but the overall feel of the show very well, but that is for another post. “The Night We Met” was played in episode 5, Tape 3 Side A, the song is played in flashbacks to the night of the Winter Formal where Clay and Hannah dance to this song. While this is not the night that these two first met, other parts of the song are very fitting and relevant to their relationship.


Lord Huron is a Los Angeles based indie folk band that formed in 2010. The band is made up of Tom Renaud, Brett Farkas, Mark Barry, and Ben Schneider. They are currently signed with IAMSOUND Records and have released two albums-Lonesome Dreams(2012) and Strange Trails (2015)- and three EPs- Mighty(2010), Into the Sun(2010), and Lord Huron and Friends(2011). While “The Night We Met” is not their only chart topper, it is there most popular song right now, which most likely has to due with widespread popularity of 13 Reasons Why. Ben Schneider has says that he some of his songs were inspired by nature and that is definitely obvious.

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“The Night We Met” is from Lord Huron’s second and most recent album, Strange Trails. The song overall can only be described as haunting, beautiful, and nostalgia. In the scene where Clay and Hannah are dancing to this song Clay mentions that the song sounds like something out of an old movie. And he is absolutely right, there is a very nostalgic quality about the song, which likely is due to the combination of the reflective lyrics and the dreamy haunting melody. The vocalist’s voice is very dreamy, he does this by alternating from strong to soft and by “ending” each line by stretching and rolling the last words. The instrumental of the song is also important and amazing, the band uses their instruments to create a mellow and hypnotic background that balances very well with the vocalist’s lilting voice. The vocals, instruments, and lyrics all combine to give the song a very nostalgic and haunting sound, its almost as if you are strolling down memory lane with the singer.


The lyrics of the song are very fitting for Clay’s situation. Throughout the series Clay is listening to the tapes in the hopes of understanding why Hannah killed herself and how he was involved her her decision. The song pretty much chronicles Clay’s journey and struggle throughout the whole season, he, like the vocalist, is lost in the present and wants to go back to the past when he still has time to right wrongs and change things for the better. The third verse of the song is a good example of how Clay’s experience is parallel to the singers, “I had all and then most of you, some and now none of you/ Take me back to the night we met/ I don’t know what I’m supposed to do, haunted by the ghost of you/ Oh take me back to the night we met“. While listening to the tapes Clay is forced to reminisce about his times with Hannah, which leads him to realize all that he missed. It also forces him to recognize that there where in a sense two Hannahs; the one he “knew” and the one he didn’t know, his cool and funny schoolmate/work buddy and a young girl who was constantly suffering through bullying, loneliness, and depression. On top of that Clay is also haunted by Hannah’s ghost, in the form of the tapes and his memories of her.

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In conclusion, this song is awesome in just about every way and I think that its worth a listen or too. If you loved “The Night We Met” as much as I did, I definitely think that giving the band’s other songs a listen will be very beneficial. I think that many of the other songs on their album have that nostalgic woodsy sound that drew people to The Night We Met.

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