Artist Profile: Fall Out Boy

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Fall Out Boy is one of the most iconic emo-pop bands around. Even when they were not active, they still were able to maintain their level of relevance when the time came for them to re-emerge themselves into the music scene.While the band has been around since 2001 they took a hiatus in 2008 because of tension between Pete Wentz and Patrick Stump. Fortunately, five years later in 2013 the band reunited and started making music together again. Not only are they still making new music, after being around for more than a decade, they are still making great music.

The band is made up of four members; Pete Wentz, Joe Trohman, Patrick Stump, and Andrew Hurley. With the exception of Andrew Hurley all the members of Fall Out Boy have been part of the band since 2001. Andrew Hurley, who is the current drummer, has only been the band’s drummer since 2003. Before Hurley Ben Rose (2001-2001) and Mike Pareskuwicz (2001-2003) were the drummers. Besides drummers Fall Out Boy has had a couple of guitaritst that no longer play with them, Brandon Hamm (2002- 2002) and TJ “Raccine” Kunasch (2001-2002).

As of 2015 Fall Out Boy has released 8 albums; Fall Out Boy’s Evening Out With Your Girlfriend(2003), Take This to Your Grave(2003), From Under the Cork Tree(2005),  Infinity on High (2007), Folie à deux (2008), Save Rock and Roll(2013), American Beauty / American Psycho(2015), and Make America Psycho Again [remixes] (2015). They also have one live album, 28 singles, and appear on album/soundtracks.

Peter “Pete” Lewis Kingston Wentz III is a well know 37 year old musician and Fall Out Boy’s bassist. Wentz developed an interest in music at an early age where he was heavily influenced by musicians like the Smiths. This love of music lead to him learning to play piano and eventually the bass. His lyrics are also a direct result of his early life. One of the things that fans love the most about Fall Out Boy is the…lyrics in there songs. Pete Wentz draws from his troubled repressed past to write, ” the highly personal nature of his lyrics and his clever wordplay” which… with fans. While Pete Wentz might have made his claim to fame as the stereotypical emo bassist-he famously wore eyeliner, dark clothes, and skinny jeans- for “emo-pop”  band Fall Out Boy, he has made his mark outside of the band. Currently Wentz is a husband, father, entrepreneur, and he does some solo work.

Joseph “Joe” Trohman is a popular musician at 32 years old and he is Fall Out Boy’s lead guitarist. Trohman grew up with Wentz in Chicago and that was were they meet Patrick Stump and formed fall out boy. Outside of Fall Out Boy he is a husband, father, actor, and he is associated with other musical groups. He also has the iconic long curly hair.

Patrick Stump is 32 years old and a guitarist for Fall out Boy. Besides being the band’s guitarist, Stump is also their frontman. A frontman is just another way of saying that he serves as the band’s lead vocalist. What is ironic about Stump having this position is that he did not really want it, it was not something that he sought out because for the most part he is a pretty low key guy even though he is a famous musician. In an interview with the New York Times he elaborates this by saying, “I got really lucky in Pete. He’s such a personality that I don’t have to be a character, really. It’s selfish that I let him get thrust into that, but it was awesome for me“. Stump met Trohman at a borders book store and then he later met Wentz at Trohman’s house and while he eventually became the guitarist and frontman of Fall Out Boy Stump was originally a drummer. Patrick Stump also acts as a songwriter for the band along with Pete Wentz. This partnership is the perfect example of what good can come about when opposites attract. While Wentz tends to write deeply personal lyrics, Stump balances this out by writing the “catchy melodies” that everyone knows and loves. Like his band mates Stump also has a life outside of Fall Out Boy and is a part of several projects, musical and otherwise. On top of being a father and a husband Stump works with several big names in the music industry. He’s produced with Cobra Starship, Tyga, Gym Class Heroes, Lupe Fiasco, and more. Patrick Stump is an incredibly  talented singer, songwriter, guitar player, and producer.

Andrew “Andy” John Hurley is Fall Out Boy’s 36 year old drummer. Hurley was inspired to play the drums because of Metallica’s drummer Hurley was the only member of the band that was not present at the band’s birth, he joined the band in 2003 after they already released their first album.

Fall Out Boy’s sound is usually labeled as emo pop, pop punk, or pop rock. Personally I think that their sound is varies too much to just be emo pop. Just by listening to all their songs over the years you can hear how their sound has evolved just as much as their image has and this is largely due to Patrick Stump’s musical genius and phenomenal vocals, Pete Wentz’s lyrical genius, and the band’s abundance of talent. What’s also note worthy is that a wide variety of artist who are associated with a wide range of genres feature in their songs. They have done songs with Demi Lovato, Big Sean, The Foxes, Elton John, and so much more.

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The Phoenix was actually the first ever Fall Out Boy song that I heard, and I have to say it is still in one of my favorites to this day. Its impossible for me to choice my favorite Fall Out Boy song because there are a lot of really great ones, but I guess I can try to narrow down my top favorites to ten. My top 10 favorite Fall Out Boy Songs are Young Volcanoes, Jet Pack Blues, The Phoenix, Novocaine, Save Rock and Roll, The Kids Aren’t Alright, Just One Yesterday, Death Valley, Twin Skeletons, and A Little Less Sixteen Candles A Little More “Touch Me”.

In conclusion, if you are looking for some great music to listen to give Fall Out Boy a chance and you’ll thank them for the memories.


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