Street Music In New York

Whenever I go into the city, New York City specifically, I always look forward to seeing the street performances. There is a certain unpredictability  in them, because you never really know what you’ll see or where you’ll see it. Personally, I feel like that inconsistency adds to the experience as a whole. It’s so much fun to be part of the crowd and part of the performance at the same time. The performers really know how to create a performance that brings the audience in. It’s not uncommon to see people singing and clapping along to the music and just interacting with the performers. It’s a very interesting and interactive experience.

New York City is known for being an incredibly culturally diverse city, and this fact can be seen in just about every corner of the city. In the cuisine, art, music, and citizenry of the city you can find traces of different cultures and influences. One of the well known phenomena of New York City is the street performances. Street performers come out in subways and street corners to display their talents, whether is be art, music, etc. In fact the street music of New York is kind of tourist attraction in its own right. Its pretty hard to go into the city and leave without seeing a single street performer…The experience is pretty incredible, because in all the hustle and bustle of the city there will be a performer or performers sharing their craft with random passersby who have the choice of staying throughout the entire performance, staying for a little, bit or not staying at all. Its a very interactive experience because the performers are right there in front of you and sometimes you can give them suggestions on what to sing and they actually sing it, which is really cool.

One of my favorite street performances occurred a little while ago in front of Metropolitan Museum of Art. After a fun morning wandering around the Met looking at all the art I went outside with my group ready to leave when we encountered a group of older men who were singing on the sidewalk. I couldn’t help but join the crowd in watching the performance. They were singing “My Girl”, by the Temptations. They were incredible! Not only did they sound really good, they got everyone to join in singing too, which made for a very light and fun atmosphere. Also I was very impressed because they were able to sound so good by using their voices and one or two instruments. I was drawn in by the music and the atmosphere. Unfortunately I was unable to film them, but I did find a video of the performance, and others, on YouTube.

Even though you can see street musicians in any city in the world, there is just something about seeing them in New York City that is special. Street musicians are so innovative, from buckets to their own voices they use whatever tools are at their disposal to showcase their talent. So next time you find yourself in New York City try to make sometime to watch some of these performances, it will be totally worthwhile.


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